IDEF0 Plugin

That is a idea description of a TWiki Plugin to draw IDEF0 Diagrams based on a topic information.

This plugin must be able to draw, with DHTML, a diagram A-0 and A0 like that:

  • The blocks must show the function description (written above the function specification) in a balloon.
    • If that is too big the writer can use _start small description__end small description_ to set the useful text and must be added a link for this full specification on the topic.
  • The blocks and line colors will be defined in preference variables.
  • The function blocks will be always organized like stairs.
  • The sequence of blocks will follow the sequence define at the topic text.
  • The plugin will generate only the html needed to help the DHTML generation.

The expected topic definition text is something like that:
---+ Re-stocking raw materials process description


---+ Process steps


---++ Step details
---++ Re-stocking raw materials process
---+++ Purchase raw materials
   * id:block1
   * inputs:
      * Materials need
   * resources:
      * Purchasing officer
      * Materials planner
      * MRP System
   * controls:
      * Inventory Max-Min levels
   * outputs:
      * Raw materials in receiving deck
         * to: block2
         * type: input

<!-- After text to build the diagram, more text almost always will continue to describe how to do the step... example follows. This text is not rendered in the drawing, but it shows in the topic-->
   1. Materials planner reviews current inventory levels and generates a purchase requirement plan
   2. Purchasing officer reviews purchase requirement plan
   3. Purchasing officer generates Purchase Order
   4. Purchasing officer sends purchase order for approval according to ApprovalAuthorizationScheme.

---+++ Receive and inspect raw materials
   * id: block2
   * controls:
      * InspectionPlan
   * resources:
      * Receiving clerk
      * Incoming materials inspector
   * outputs:
      * Raw materials inspected
         * To: block3
         * Type: input

---+++ Warehouse raw materials
   * id: block3
   * controls:
      * FiFo
   * resources:
      * Warehouse officer
      * Pallet jack
   * outputs:
      * Raw materials in assigned location
      * Raw materials recorded in warehouse software

Inside %STARTIDEF0%%STOPIDEF0% we have all diagram specification. The ---++ line define the process name for the A-0 and the ---+++ lines define the function names for the A0. The first list after a ---+++ line will define the arrows related to this function.

What more?

The DHTML benefits:
  • TWiki formated text, with links and more;
  • the hard work will be done by the browser and not by the server;
  • the bandwidth will be saved;
  • the page will be generated faster;
  • will be possible to put effects for a better interaction;
  • and it will still beautiful!

Must work at:
  • TWiki 4.2
  • Firefox 3
  • Internet Explorer 7

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