Mission and Values

Colivre - Cooperativa de Tecnologias Livres

Our Mission

"Be a self-managed and self-sustained organization which seeks to spread free software ideals, providing technology solutions for the various sectors of society, providing the well-being of members and partners, respecting the environment and experiencing the principles of fair trade."

Our values

  • Information freedom, considering that all knowledge should be freely available to society.
  • Self-management, as a democratic principle of collective building.
  • Meritocracy, to recover practical activities carried out in accordance with the principles of the organization.
  • Respect and Tolerance, everyone involved on the organization, internal or external actors, are people with needs, feelings and differences, and this fact must be considered.

Our Vision

What is our goal? "Being a self-managed organization, reference in Brazil by merit of technological solutions provided in accordance with its principles, and becoming a source of economic sustainability for its members."

Free (as in freedom) Software
Mission, Vision and Values
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Rua Marechal Floriano, nº 28,
ed. Norma Camozzato, sala 301
Canela - Salvador - Bahia - Brasil
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