Collaborative tool popularized by Wikipedia, Wiki solutions developed by COLIVRE bring Web 2.0 into any type of organization.

Wikis enable text publication that can be modified using web browser by any user anywhere in the world who has Internet access. To ensure the security of the content produced in a collaborative way, this tool also has a control system version that records all changes made by users, thus allowing recovery of different versions any time.

In corporate and institutional environments has been used to replace old intranet systems. Organizations around the world have been adopting wikis as a powerful tool for information management, transparent and collaborative development projects, besides acting as a major digital collection where it is stored all documents and internal activities.

In practice, what happens?

Project Management and Internal Communication

Wikis are used by multinational Yahoo to manage documents and to plan its products, envolving hundreds of employees based around the world. In addition, wikis tools have changed the way that company manages meetings, schedules and the whole process of internal communication.
Source: History of success in TWiki Yahoo

Information Management

The Republic Presidency of Brazil adopts wiki solutions in your Directorate of Information Technology looking for collaborative documentation organization of systems, settings, files, tutorials and other documents. Moreover, wikis are used by the Comitê Interno de Organização de Informações para o Presidente (Internal Committee of Organizing Information for the President) and Comunidade de Segurança da Informação e Criptografia (Community of Information Security and Cryptography).
Source: Cases of COLIVRE

Intranet Wiki

Watch a video demonstration about how IBM uses a Wiki to manage their internal projects.
(in English)

How can I use it in my organization?

To learn how a wiki solution can be customized and used in your organization, please contact us.

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