A site is one of the communication tools more efficient in the world nowadays. It can be used as a vehicle for publicity and international propect or as a tool for collaborative sharing and distributing content on web. Whatever you want, COLIVRE is able to develop a solution for you.

All products developed by COLIVRE is within the accessibility and international standards on Web. These standards attach navigability, compatibility with various browsers, the possibility of use for people with special needs, in addition to enhance the indexing by search web engines.

What tools can your site have?

Get to know some of the features available for who have choosed to develop a site with COLIVRE:

  • News

    Widely used ion the Web, a tool for publishing news strengthens institutional communication throughout the Internet. COLIVRE is able to improve it adding RSS feed tools which enables alternative ways for users follow your site news.
  • Schedule

    Sharing events and meetings linked to site subject adds a valuable role to web communication. This schedule can be either a standard calendar or a list of events.
  • Index of Visitation

    Índice de Visitação
    Registering and measuring who access a website is something essential. COLIVRE provides a powerful statistics tool, which shows visitation numbers, graphs and reports about visitors profile.
  • Comments

    Moderação de Comentários
    Interactivity is a key feature of the new Web 2.0. One way of adding this concept to your site is giving permission for guest users publish comments - with or without administration moderation.
  • Files Archive

    Galeria de Arquivos
    COLIVRE offers software which allows availability of any type of file, collections of digital materials or documents.
  • Images Gallery

    Galeria de Imagens
    This tool is ideal for web sites of organizations which require updating photo easily and dynamically, without worrying about how many are the published pictures.
  • Video Gallery

    Galeria de Vídeos
    In a video gallery, it is possible to publish streaming videos from YouTube, Vimeo and others video sharing website. Moreover, these videos are available to any web page.
  • Editing and Publishing Plataform

    Edição de Conteúdo
    Ideal for sites which require fast and constant updating, anywhere and by people who are not expert in computer science. The system of publishing and editing content (text or image), by COLIVRE, allows any user to update your own site.
  • Payment invoices

    Pagamento de Boletos
    Offering bank invoices to payments is a strategy to disseminate products and services and it may be available on your site. COLIVRE also integrates this functionality with any bank system database on your choice.
  • Other tools

    Have you an innovative and unique idea for your site? Ask us and our team will be ready to new suggestions and adaptations.

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