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Noosfero: Create your own social network on the web

The newest project of COLIVRE brings an innovative proposal: create yourself your own customized social network, free and autonomous. If you had never thought about it before or even had the idea but gave up for considering it very difficult, you'll probably be surprised with Noosfero, the first free Web-based platform designed for social networking.

COLIVRE makes even easier for who want to build your own social network. In Noosfero, data are available to show the degree of visibility and popularity of each content published.

Our intention is to offer a set of resources, with simple access and management, enabling collaboration and interactivity on Web from a new concept: social networking based on free software.

In practice, who is already using it?

    Brazilian network of information and relationship around free software.
  • #dilmanarede

    Social network used in Brazil Presidency Campaign in 2010 by Rousseff.
  • Qualipso Community

    International network of persons and organizations interested in software quality applied to FOSS.
  • Stoa

    Social network for USP - São Paulo University - community.

In theory, how it works?

Friends + blog + site: all together

In Noosfero, the focus is social network for content production. All that is inserted into the web platform can be shared collaboratively. The user gets a profile, which can also have the function of site or blog, with notification system for comments, besides basic options like creating communities and adding friends.

And more, each user profile functions as a personal page with the privilege of being able to customize layout, address (URL). The user can still use the space to publish ideas, create photo and video galleries and videos, create events (schedules), share interests and preferences, and promote discussions. It means that diverse content such as images, texts, documents and calendar events can be entered in a decentralized way by people who doesnt understand a thing about programming or a computer language.

Enterprises and showcase digital

In Noosfero solution to social networks, there is Enterprise option for the management of business on the Internet. This available a digital store, which offer products and services, which can be located by a tool called Farejador. The search result provides two valuable information: the products and services avaliable on the site and the geographical location on a digital map.

Customization available to everybody

Noosfero has a multitema system for layout customization, what means that user has the possibility of changing layout, choosing colors, themes and using CMS System (Content Management) freely, if it is definied for the network administrator .

Furthermore, by creating a user or community, each Internet user can send invitations to people who do not participate of a Noosfero network, enriching his contacts in this new environment. Another option available is to open a new account e-mail customized to be used exclusively in Noosfero.

If you work with an audience that is already a social networks user and of other web tools, there is the possibility of migrating to Noosfero all content ever produced so far. COLIVRE also offers access statistics and monitoring data of all content produced on your new network.

Service Package

COLIVRE offers to your social network:

  • Customization - Customization and development of visual identity (design), considering the usability and accessibility of your social network.

  • Development - Our team of developers has all knowledge and experience required to develop new system features on Noosfero for your social network.

  • Consultant - COLIVRE is ready to help you on planning your social network (architecture, content and goals).

  • Training - Training for multipliers, animators and maintenance team.

  • Hosting and Maintenance - hosting and maintenance is offered in COLIVRE servers's Noosfero with update included or, as well, installation can be done in other private server.

Want to know more?

Then contact us to learn how to get your own social network.

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