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Antonio Terceiro

Antonio Terceiro Free software developer, working on projects Noosfero, Debian, Foswiki and others. He has a PhD degree in Computer Science from DMCC, and acts as a software developer at Colivre.

Aurélio A. Heckert

Aurélio A. Heckert Developer, digital artist and promoter of free software. Participates in team development of Inkscape, he is co-founder and developer of PSL-BA, FoswikiBR and Inkscape Brazil, and others. Interested in web standards, always using W3C specifications on his work. He has been a speaker at five editions of FISL.

Daniela Feitosa

DanielaFeitosa Bachelor in Computer Science from Universidade Federal da Bahia. She collaborates on PSL-BA, where she has projects on spreading free software, as the Festival Software Livre da Bahia. Member of Onda Digital Group, acting as monitor in the Digital Inclusion project using Free Software. Also acts as monitors in training courses, and on maintenance the content of sites based on TWiki, and as system developer.

Joenio Costa

Joenio Costa Currently attending Bacherol in Computer Science from Universidade Católica do Salvador. Member of the Working Group on Development of PSL-BA, participating on the organization of III Festival Software Livre Bahia. Perl developer, currently leader of the Salvador Perl Mongers, member of the Perl Society of Brazil where he attended, among others works, organizing the YAPC:: Brazil:: 2006 - Brazilian Meeting Perl developers which had occurred during the FISL 7.0.

Joselice O. de Abreu

Joselice Abreu Member of the Free Software movement in Brazil, participated in several initiatives in some states for distribution of free software. She had organized three consecutive editions of FISL where she led the Fundraising and Communication Work group, encouraging and supporting social action during the event called Free Seeds Bank. She is Bacherol in Economics and has experience in administrative / financial management on Telecommunications and Logistics.

Rafaella Comarela

Rafaella Comarela Has a Law degree from Unijorge, with graduate studies on State Law at Escola de Magistratura da Bahia (EMAB). An internet lover, she works at COLIVRE on administrative and financial management.

Rodrigo Souto

Rodrigo Souto Undergraduate in Computer Science at UFBA, software developer at COLIVRE, Noosfero project contributor, finalist of two consecutive Brazilian Programming Marathon and user, supporter and contributor of Free Software projects.

Vicente Aguiar

Vicente Aguiar Bachelor and Master in Business Administration from Universidade Federal da Bahia. Organizer and Co-author of Free Software, Hacker Culture and Ecosystem Collaboration. As manager of the COLIVRE operates in the areas of Communication, Strategic Planning, preparation and management of projects. He is collaborator of the GNOME Project Brazil, Projeto Software Livre Bahia ((PSL-Ba)) and Network EcoSoLivre.

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