Organograma da Colivre

Colivre’s Sectors represented by petals in our chart are operational agencies with specific responsibilities, which are related to finalistic activities (red petals), if they are directly responsible for implementating services included on cooperative's portfolio, or linked through the administrative activities (yellow petals), when they are responsible for activities related to administrative structure, human resources and technology.

Finalistic activities's sectors:

  1. Sector of Digital Art (SDA) - responsible for graphic materials to visual communication, for development of Web Layouts, and for creating all COLIVRE's visual identity, working together to SSRP;
  2. Sector of Development (SDEV) - development of softwares guaranteeing the quality and that the product meets clients and COLIVRE needs, contributing to improvement of free software;
  3. Sector of Training and Migration (STM) - responsible for implementation of services related to training and technology migration to free software, and for the development of all teaching/scholars materials which are used in this activite;
  4. Sector of Networks and Security (SRS) - meets all demands on network services, security and computing infrastructure on migration process - this sector operates together to STM

Administrative activities's sectors:

  1. Sector of Finances (SF) - responsible for financial management and accounting.
  2. Sector of Services and Public Relations (SSRP) - responsible to plan, implement and evaluate policies for internal and external communications, and to prospect and to monitor new contracts.
  3. Sector of Human Sustainability (SSH) - has the task of ensuring a sustainable and harmonious working over policies and procedures - such as preserving the physical environment, internal capacity building, recreational meetings, new members input, etc;
  4. Sector of Sustainability Technology (SST) - designed to plan, install, maintain and evaluate all the technological environment of COLIVRE (softwares,l hardware servers, terminals, telephones and printers), including the use policies for all this structure.

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