COLIVRE offers solutions for online registration of participants and submission of articles for national and international events. Papers is a software developed by COLIVRE which allows submission of papers and articles in conferences and / or academic forums. Papers can manage the articles, organizing them in approved and disapproved lists.

It is possible to archive written evaluation of papers submitted, answering participants proposals. It is also offers a tool that enables the registration of participants, with the generation of invoices for online payments, and providing program schedule with filters and hyperlinks that permit access to details of the event content. More details:

  • Submission and Evaluation of Articles

    Submisão e Avaliação de Artigos
    Managing submission and articles avaliation can become something much simpler when it is possible to use a tool to centralize and organize the entire process.
  • Participants Registration

    This tool is ideal for medium and large audience events. It makes possible online registration to everybody, without require any intermediation.
  • Invoices

    Pagamento de Boletos
    Generation of bank invoices for registration payment. COLIVRE integrates this functionality with the bank system of your choice.
  • Other Tools

    Have an unique idea for your site? Our development team is always ready to new suggestions and adaptations.

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