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Social Networks

  • Social.Stoa

Noosfero Stoa The USP (São Paulo University)'s Collaborative Social Network, part of Stoa Project, won a new version, conceived by Paul Meirelles, Pr. Fabion Kon, Pr. Massimo Di Felice and Prof. Ewout ter Haar and discussed widely with the academic community. The new platform based on free software Noosfero, was adapted by COLIVRE together with USP, according to the results of more than one year resolutions and discussions, and eight months of software development.

Another important advance from project: Noosfero was integrated with USP's Moodle, platform focused on the support of pedagogical processes to the disciplines of undergraduate and postgraduate.

  • Developed on Noosfero, the social network of Free Software Project Brazil is maintained by the Associação Software The idea is to bring the Internet social actors such as universities, businesses, government, hackers, activists and NGOs to promote use and development of free software.

PSL-BR was made before the creation of Noosfero. However, new developments have emerged from the migration to the free web platform created by the COLIVRE. With Noosfero the became a collaborative social network, where users have the possibility of managing and coordinating discussions or projects autonomouly. Before this time, it was limited to the concept of site "version 1.0", without too many options that could facilitate interactivity.

COLIVRE runs the server and also develops solutions based on user demand, such as the creation of new social tools. One example is the news system, which allows each user signed up for Noosfero publish collaboratively blog posts with photos and images. Content can be viewed on the home page or on any other community where the user is registered.

In addition, the environmental community, theme, colors and shapes, have been customized in order to strengthen the visual identity of the project. All users manage the content published ifreely and autonomous using a simplified management tool, which can be a blog or CMS system (Content Management System) from Noosfero itself.


The social network is an initiative of the Fórum Brasileiro de Economia Solidária (FBES) funding by Secretaria Nacional de Economia Solidária (SENAES) at Ministério do Trabalho. The goal is to manage communication and dissemination of information strategy that will benefit several entrepreneurs.

Based on a partnership with COLIVRE through the free web platform Noosfero, it was established a large web network of relationship over 21 thousand enterprises mapped, including supporters and members of brazilian solidary economy movement.

In are created thematic groups, custom pages (theme, color and shape), communities, and virtual stores to advertise products and services. Users have the privilege to manage autonomously all content available using simplified management tool, or a blog or a CMS system (Content Management) on Noosfero itself.

There is also tool Farejador included looking for products and services made by FBES. This tool works as a search engine, which offers as result three valuable information: access to the product or service, entrepeneur site and geographical location on a digital map.

COLIVRE runs the server and also develops solutions based on user demand, such as personalizing the enterprise profile, which runs network of users and communities.

  • Unifreire

Unifreire Unifreire social network is a webspace managed by Instituto Paulo Freire to exchange information and experiences among people who share Paulo Freire's legacy. This project was possible using the free web platform Noosfero.

In Unifreire network, all content posted by users on profiles and communities can be managed freely and autonomously, using a simplified tool, or blog or CMS system (Content Management) on Noosfero itself.

Each user has the option to customize own page (theme and color), create and share discussions and maintain constant dialogue with people interested in education through social tools, such as calendar and posts publication with text and photos.

COLIVRE manages the server and develops solutions based on user demand. Users also have the option of creating and publishing articles and a photo gallery.


  • X International Conference on Local Government

Event organized by Centro Interdisciplinar de Desenvolvimento e Gestão Social da Escola de Administração da Universidade Federal da Bahia (CIAGS-UFBA). Over a thousand people had attended the symposium. In total, about 700 papers received by the Papers.

  • International Software Forum – Fisl8 .. Fisl13

The Fisl is the biggest free software event in America and one of the largest in the world. In Porto Alegre edition, the Fisl8 had about eight thousand participants from 20 countries, totaling 402 speakers. The event featured 58 exhibitors.


  • Faces do Brasil

Developed by COLIVRE, it is the first Portal Brasileiro de Comércio Justo e Solidário. The project is part of the nonprofit organization Faces of Brazil, in partnership with the international cooperation agency Oxfam Novib, which works on promotion of justice and human rights in poverty communities.

COLIVRE is responsible for layout creating, tool content management (CMS), and perform management and maintenance of the server where the site is hosted.

  • Comunidade Rural

Largest portal of agriculture in the country. Concentrate information to small farmer or rancher or large agro-industriers in the sector, providing a showcase of products and services related to agribusiness. COLIVRE has developed a private CMS system (Content Management), customized through the programming language Ruby on Rails.

  • Brito Cunha Advogados

Virtual address of the law firm, used as a calling card, to give access to key services provided by the office. COLIVRE is responsible for creating the layout, implementing CMS System (Content Management) based on Foswiki, besides regular maintenance of the network server.

  • Instituto de Geociências (IGEO-UFBA)

First site of the Instituto de Geociências (IGEO) da Universidade Federal da Bahia (UFBA) which offers four courses: Geology, Geography (BA and BS), Geophysics and Oceanography, and five post-graduate master's degree in Geography, MA and Ph.D. in Geology, MA and PhD in Geophysics, what means about a thousand students. COLIVRE is responsible for layout creation, implementing CMS System (Content Management)based on Twiki and for regular server maintenance at UFBA.

  • Fundação Anísio Teixeira

Installed in birthplace home of this named educator, Fundação Anísio Teixeira offers library, museum, movie theater and mobile library. The institution brings knowledge and keeps alive the memory of this Brazilian educator, who now also has its own website.

COLIVRE is responsible for layout, CMS System (Content Management) based on Foswiki implementation, and for regular maintenance of the network server where it is hosted.


  • Padrões wiki para Presidência da República

In May 2008, COLIVRE has provided training of technical and managers linked to the Presidency of the Federative Republic of Brazil, over a contract signed between the cooperative and the Federal Data Processing Center - SERPRO. The course involved training on use and development of the TWiki web platform. It was conducted from 05/05 to 09/05 (1st module) and 12/05 at 16/05 (2nd module), at the Center for Training and Development of Republic Presidency.

  • Padrões web para SERPRO

In May and June 2008, COLIVRE offers a training program for technicians and managers of the Bahia Section of the Federal Data Processing Center (SERPRO). Divided into two modules, course aimed to introduce and answer questions of employees about XHTML, CSS, tableless, accessibility, cross-browser compatibility (1st module) and artistic use of colors, editing bitmap images on GIMP and vectorial images on Inkscape (2nd module).

  • BrOffice para Secretaria de Ciência e Tecnologia da Bahia (SECTI)

SECTI was the first secretary of Bahia's State Government to fully replace word processors and spreadsheets of proprietaries softwares (companies that charge for permitions) for BROffice, free software package developed in a collaborative way. COLIVRE had trained the employeers in partnership with Voe Livre program of SECTI. More information.

  • BrOffice para o Instituto Pedro Ribeiro de Administração Judiciária (IPRAJ)

Technical team of Support Computer of Instituto Pedro Ribeiro de Administração Judiciária (IPRAJ), autarchy linked to the Court of the State, passed by consultory and training in BrOffice, free software package which contains office text editor and spreadsheet.

Migration process also includes the replacement of the Microsoft Windows operating system to Debian GNU/Linux. Adoption of the new package of free applications meant savings over than R$ 1 million per year in maintenance and licensing according to the IPRAJ data.

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